Voices from a New Era in Women’s Political Action

          Edited by

                                                             Paula vW. Dáil (Lead Editor)

                                                                   and Betty L. Wells

                                              Table of Contents


  • November 8, 2016 – Another Day That Will Live in Infamy  by Paula vW. Dail

Section One:   United We Stand, and Together We March  ​(Paula vW.Dail)

  • Moving Forward Together: Marching as Spiritual Practices  by Mary E. Hunt
  • Good Morning, America: A Photo Essay  by Pam Kidd

Section Two: Indivisible, We March On: A New Women’s Political Movement Arises (Paula vW.Dail)

  • The Resonance of Resistance  by Ashley Goff
  • January 21, 2017: Marching in a Wheelchair  by Alexandria A. Cunningham
  • When the Whole World is Silent, Even One Voice Becomes Powerful  by Patti Herman

Section Three: The Right to Protest: Warhorse Activists Report for Duty – Again (Paula vW. Dail)

  • I Can’t Believe I Have to Protest This Shit Again  by Sandra J. Callaghan
  • Putting on My Marching Shoes  by Rebecca Roth
  • Grandma, We Never Were The Mess  by Ahna Kruzik

Section Four: Alternative Facts: Donald Trump off the Rails (Paula vW. Dail)

  • The Emperor Has No Clothes  by Alice A. Thieman
  • The Bully in the Bully Pulpit  by Jennie Lusk
  • On Whose Authority?  by Nikki Stern

Section Five: Not My President: America Goes Dark (Paula vW. Dail)

  • Dancing with the Devil: Donald Trump’s Moral Failure  by Paula vW. Dáil
  • Diversity En Masse  by Danielle James
  • The Administration of Running with Scissors Strikes Fear in the Hearts of Everyone        but Fetuses and the NRA  by Ruth Burgess Thompson

Section Six:  Climate Reigns Over All: Fighting Pipelines, Seeking Justice, Saving the Planet (Betty L. Wells)

  • Fighting for Climate Science  by Gabrielle Roesch-McNally
  • The Making of a Climate Action Warrior  by Miriam R. Kashia
  • Homecoming  by Angie Carter
  • Road Talk: Conversations That Keep Us Going – An Interview with Danielle M. Wirth      by Betty L. Wells 

Section Seven:  Sick in the USA: When the Personal becomes Political (Paula vW. Dail)

  • Real People – Real Lives: Conservative Politics Turn Health Care into Hell Care   by  Alexandria A. Cunningham
  • Ten Months Later: A Retrospective from the Front Lines of Reproductive Justice   by Heather K. Sager
  • A Canary in the Coal Mine  by Dede Ranahan

Section Eight:  The Lamp Beside the Golden Door Grows Dim: Immigration in 2017 America (Paula vW. Dail)

  • This Land is Our Land: Embracing the Strength in Our Diversity  by Rabah Omer
  • Stories from Inside a Refugee Camp  by Tayler Bowser
  • If They Push Us to the End of the World We Will Fly  by Ari Belathar

Section Nine: Somewhere Over the Rainbow: America’s Gender Anxiety (Paula vW. Dail)

  • Families Resist: LGBTQ Rights in the Trump Era  by Rebecca Gorman and     Michelle Bowdler
  • Feeling Like Sisyphus: Transgender Under a Trump Administration  by Rachael Eliason  

 Section Ten:  When Blind Justice Isn’t Blind: Women Face the Criminal Justice System (Paula vW.Dail) 

  • Is There Justice for Women in America – An Interview with Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janine P. Geske (ret.)  by Paula vW. Dáil
  • I Am Not Resigned and I Do Not Approve  by Michelle Bowdler
  • Culture and Gender Violence Clash with the Law  by Mariya Taher


Section Eleven: Saving Public Education One Teacher and One School at a Time (Paula vW. Dail)

  • Stand Up. Speak Out. Be Kind.  by Abigail Swetz
  • Goodnight Public Education: Saving Neighborhood Schools  by Cassi L. Clark

 Section Twelve:  When They Go Low, We Go High: Swimming in the Deep Rivers of Racism
(Paula vW. Dail)

  • The Resistance will be Beautiful  by Erica Gerald Mason
  • Our Country ‘Tis of Thee  by Darilynne L. Campbell

Section Thirteen: When We Fight, We Win: United, We Move Forward (Paula vW. Dail)

  • The Birth of an Activist  by Kathy Steffen
  • A New York Liberal Takes on Indiana Politics  by Heather K. Sager
  • How Can I Not Resist?   by Scott Thompson
  • You’ve Come a Long Way Baby, But Not Far Enough  by Sandra L. Ingham


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